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as you can see, the site isn’t where i want it to be…i gotta fix stuff around..this isn’t the officail layout. right now i`m waiting on a banner from a friend…that may take a while.. so bear with me i will still have updates on the Banditsz..




ah ha!! i found some pics of Paige Hurd at the “A Plumm Summer” movie premiere & the 3rd Annual Kids 4 Kids Walk/Run for Children’s Cancer Research Fund. do i see Paige got some blingige in her teeth? the braces look cute on her though!!

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ugh! how dare she take a pic with MY hubby! lol


hey!! it`s pinkyy here. i had a site on Blogger but it was BOGUS and revamped it over here!! hope you enjoy the NEW && IMPROVED Big Lip Banditsz and tell your friends!!!